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Tiny House Charm in the Heartland of America

“Hallmark towns really do exist,” my little sister, Sara, told my older sister, Julie, as we walked through the tiny town of Cuba, Kansas. Cuba was the 3rd small town we had visited that day, and we were attending our second hometown Christmas parade in less than 24 hours. Ponies trotted past us with giddy children on their backs, a tractor pulling a wagon of hay rolled down the street,  and Santa walked down the sidewalk chatting with every child along the way.  I half expected Candace Cameron Bure to pop out of one of the stores and snow to start falling on cue. read more

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The Unexpected Gifts of Travel

This little girl has haunted me since I first saw her December 1, 2002. Something about her struck me as I walked past the thousands of mugshots that hang on the walls of S21 Prison Camp, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She’s probably 5 or 6 years old in this photograph- her mugshot- the last photo taken of her before she was killed for her “crimes”. She has stuck with me through the years and continually whispers “live…I didn’t get that chance.” read more

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Packing Light:  How to Pack for a Week in Just Your Free Personal Item 

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In the past year, I have flown on 14 low-cost carrier flights. I think I just heard you groan, and you are looking for the 😥 emoji at the bottom of the page.  Hold up a minute, I know some folks hate discount carriers and have sworn to never step foot on one again.  It’s true, the nickel and diming that is part of the low-cost carrier experience can be maddening.  But, I have grown to love them…I mean what’s not to love about scoring a round trip ticket for $50!  You just have to know how to beat the system.  The trick is all in the packing. read more

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