5 Unique Winter Adventures that should be on your Bucket List

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It recently occurred to me that my birthday is in less than two months; I will be turning 39. I have one year of my thirties left- gulp. After a momentary panic attack, I went straight to Pinterest and typed in “Bucket List”.  My mission was to take inventory of all the things I want to do before I hit the big 4-0. Ouch, it’s even painful to type. read more

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Don’t Let Winter Hold You Hostage: Minnesota & Wisconsin Edition

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I moved to Minnesota from Georgia 13 years ago and every winter I have to give myself the same pep talk I am about to give you…Don’t let winter hold you hostage! It is so tempting when the temperature drops to go into hibernation. Resist the urge!  Bundle up the kids, ignore the temperature and go exploring. read more

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