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The Unexpected Gifts of Travel

This little girl has haunted me since I first saw her December 1, 2002. Something about her struck me as I walked past the thousands of mugshots that hang on the walls of S21 Prison Camp, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She’s probably 5 or 6 years old in this photograph- her mugshot- the last photo taken of her before she was killed for her “crimes”. She has stuck with me through the years and continually whispers “live…I didn’t get that chance.” read more

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Will Travel for Treehouses & Other Strange Sleeping Arrangements

I love treehouses!  Anyone who has ever been trapped in a conversation with me about them knows I get a twinkle in my eye, and it’s hard to get me to change the subject. I watch Treehouse Masters with the same enthusiasm others have for Game of Thrones.  I have dreams of one day owning my own treehouse compound.  Until then, I will seek them out! read more

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Quebec City: Things to Do & A Bicycle Built for Two

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Quebec City is beautiful in the fall!  The leaves are brilliant and everything about the environment feels like Europe from the “Bonjour” greetings to the French and British architecture.  That is, everything except the prices!  Currently, the Canadian dollar is worth approximately $0.80 to the US dollar.  This means that you can subtract 20% off prices to convert costs to the US dollar.  The prices you see for attractions and on menus are equivalent to prices you see in US cities, so you are essentially saving 20% on your trip right out of the gate if you live in the US.  In contrast, you would be adding 20% if you were visiting a country in the European Union. read more

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