Minneapolis to Decorah Road Trip:  A Back Roads Adventure with Kids

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My mom and sister were in town in this past weekend, and I was excited to take them on a Fall adventure.  The weather in Minnesota has been gorgeous this October.  Coats and hats have stayed packed away, and I had convinced myself that winter would hold off until Christmas.  Yeah, right…we woke up to snow on the ground.  Why, Minnesota, why?! read more

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Quebec City: Things to Do & A Bicycle Built for Two

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Quebec City is beautiful in the fall!  The leaves are brilliant and everything about the environment feels like Europe from the “Bonjour” greetings to the French and British architecture.  That is, everything except the prices!  Currently, the Canadian dollar is worth approximately $0.80 to the US dollar.  This means that you can subtract 20% off prices to convert costs to the US dollar.  The prices you see for attractions and on menus are equivalent to prices you see in US cities, so you are essentially saving 20% on your trip right out of the gate if you live in the US.  In contrast, you would be adding 20% if you were visiting a country in the European Union. read more

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A Little About Me: My Traveling Street Cred 

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I am Susan Taylor, hence the "Taylor" in Taylored Adventures. I am a wife and mother who loves to travel. In fact, I am a wife and mother because of travel! I have visited 35+ countries, but I believe that adventure can be found across the globe or your own backyard. I am always on the lookout for off the beaten path exploration and ways to save money so I can travel more.

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