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Will Travel for Treehouses & Other Strange Sleeping Arrangements

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I love treehouses!  Anyone who has ever been trapped in a conversation with me about them knows I get a twinkle in my eye, and it’s hard to get me to change the subject. I watch Treehouse Masters with the same enthusiasm others have for Game of Thrones.  I have dreams of one day owning my own treehouse compound.  Until then, I will seek them out!

In my quest to find the perfect oasis in the sky, I have also discovered several other uncommon and unforgettable sleeping arrangements.  Here is a list of my five favorite “non-tradional” places to get a night’s rest:

1.  Airstream in a Stranger’s Backyard

Is there a more appropriate place to sleep in Portland, Oregon than in an Airstream parked in a stranger’s backyard?  I think not!  Everything about this experience made staying in Portland come to life.  The 1968 camper was immaculately restored and laying in bed while rain hit the roof was perfect.  I found this gem on AirB&B, but unfortunately, this property is no longer listed.  Rest assured, there are a plethora of unique places to stay in Portland.  Find your own at AirB&B and do your part to “Keep Portland Weird”!
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2.  Mountainside Treehouse Designed for 10 Year Old Me 

Treetop Hideaway is the treehouse of my childhood dreams.  It is hidden in the woods just like the secret fantasy fort 10 year old me always wanted. Lucky for adult me, it is equipped with plumbing and plush bedding.  If you are anywhere near Chattanooga, Tennessee or if you have an affinity for treehouses like I do, this place is a must! 

3.  Sleeping in a Jungle Canopy 

I was able to live out my Swiss Family Robinson dreams sleeping in this open air treehouse in Rincon’, Puerto Rico.  The critters chattering in the night made the Sunset Hooch feel like a hut deep in the jungle.  Although rustic, we cooked the most memorable dinner of our trip on a camp stove in the “kitchen” of our hooch.  Unique accommodations make for remarkable meals! (BTW, we had steak, chayote squash and an advacado salad.  My mouth is watering again!)

4.  Glamping Along California Route 1

Just off of Route 1 in Santa Barbara, California you will find the glamping haven of El Capitan Canyon.  You can pick from cabins, yurts or safari tents at this oceanside retreat.  Our lodging of choice was a safari tent.  Although basic on the outside, the inside offered a comfortable queen-size bed, heat and WiFi.  We picked up a grill kit from the Canyon Market & Deli and cooked our dinner under the stars right outside of our tent while listening to tunes on Pandora.  It’s one of those memories that will stick with me forever. 

5.  Amazing Views from an Alaskan Hideout 

Ever have the desire to get off the grid?  The Seashell at Seaside Farm in Homer, Alaska is the place to do it.  The view is so spectacular that you will never want to leave.  You can snuggle up in the cozy cottage by the warmth of a wood stove and let all your worries float away.  If you do get the itch for civilization, there are fantastic restaurants, shops and tour guides about 10 minutes away…the best of both worlds!

Bonus treehouse: 

I know I said this was a top five list, but I have to share my very first treehouse experience.  I had to go way back into the travel archives for this one, back when my camera of choice was made of disposable paper, back before Facebook existed😲.  The year was 2002 and I had convinced my best friend, Karen, to travel with me in Thailand and Cambodia for six weeks.  I had a grand total of $656.89 to my name when we left for the trip, so we were going lite on sleeping accommodations.  We didn’t pay more than $6 a night for a bed.  My curiosity (okay, mostly cheapness) led us to this treehouse in the jungle near Chiang Mai, Thailand.  The photo below captures Karen’s first inspection of our “home” for the night and her realization that it was infested with quarter sized ants.  Zoom in close and you can see there is a sparkle in her eye.  Let’s just say she wasn’t crying tears of joy.

Where is the most unique place you have stayed on a trip?  Have any tips on treehouses I need to checkout?  Leave a comment below.  I’m ready to hit the road (or climb a tree)!

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  • Marvelous Mommy
    November 10, 2017

    So neat! That Jungle Canopy looks awesome!!

    • suegrizzle11
      November 11, 2017

      Thanks Amy! Have a great time in Niagara this weekend! Scott and I were there in the Spring and stayed in Niagara-on-the-Lake. It’s a beautiful town you should definitely check out if you weren’t planning to already. If the weather cooperates you can bike between Niagara Falls and Niagara on the Lake on a beautiful trail. Happy Anniversary! Have a blast!

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